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Whether you're an individual seeking personalized solutions or an institution eager to embrace innovative education technology, our services are designed to help you unlock the full potential of learning in the digital age. Explore how LogicLearn can be your partner in shaping the future of education, today.

How can we help you?

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E-learning Courses

Our custom e-learning courses are all about crafting unique learning experiences. We work closely with you to understand your goals and audience, utilising Articulate 360 as our preferred authoring package to design interactive and engaging courses. With our service, you can provide your learners with customized, effective, and captivating e-learning content that suits their specific needs.

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Virtual and In-Person Training Courses

Our virtual and in-person training courses are tailor-made to deliver exceptional learning experiences. We work closely with you to understand your specific objectives and constraints, then design customised training solutions that engage learners effectively. With our service, you can provide your audience with interactive, results-oriented, and convenient learning experiences to meet their needs.




Our EdTech Consultancy is your trusted partner in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of educational technology. We provide expert guidance and tailored strategies to help educational institutions and businesses harness the full potential of technology in learning. With our service, you can make informed decisions, implement effective solutions, and stay ahead in the dynamic world of EdTech.

Engineering Class



EdTech Labs is where innovation meets education. We offer a creative service for experimenting, testing new technologies, and building our own cutting-edge educational solutions. Our labs are hubs for brainstorming and prototyping, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of educational innovation and continue to offer the most effective, engaging, and forward-thinking solutions to our clients.

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Our outreach service is all about connecting and collaborating with educational communities far and wide. We work to spread the benefits of educational technology, offering insights, resources, and support to schools, educators, and institutions. With our outreach efforts, we aim to foster a global network that shares the advantages of EdTech, promoting innovation and excellence in education.


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