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About. Us.

"LogicLearn isn't your run-of-the-mill education tech venture. We want to blaze our own trail as a first-of-a-kind education technology studio, where educators and technologists unite to unleash their creativity. We're all about pushing boundaries, blending the art of teaching with cutting-edge tech, and cooking up fresh, engaging ways to learn."


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Meet our Founders


Angela Cocuccio

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Co-Founder & Director | Education Lead


André Cocuccio

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Co-Founder & Director | Technology Lead

Experienced adult educator with a BA (Hons) degree in Education and over 20 years frontline teaching experience. Solid background in further and adult education, with a strong emphasis on information technology and IT systems training.

Chartered Technologist with an MSc and BEng (Hons) degree plus 25 years industry experience. Experienced innovator, technology developer and company director.  

A message from Angela

Hello, I'm Angela, and I'm super excited to introduce myself as the Co-Founder and Director of LogicLearn, our education technology start-up based in Southampton, UK. Lately, I've been right in the thick of things, setting up our office and helping shape our company's vision and mission while keeping our core values of Learning, Openness, Growth, Innovation, and Creativity firmly in mind.


You see, LogicLearn isn't your typical education tech venture. We're all about blazing our own trail as a first-of-a-kind education technology studio where educators and tech enthusiasts come together to unleash their creativity. Our mission is to push boundaries, combining the art of teaching with cutting-edge tech to cook up fresh and engaging ways to learn. With passion, innovation, and a dash of creativity, we're here to change the game and infuse a fresh, dynamic vibe into learning.

Now, you might be wondering, why dive into the world of edtech? It's pretty simple, really. We believe that learning should be a lifelong adventure, not something with an expiration date. Education should adapt to your changing needs, especially in today's digital age. Our goal is to make learning accessible and fun, and that's what fuels our drive.

So, you've met me, I'm the heart and soul of LogicLearn. With over 20 years of experience in education, I'm super passionate about making learning a blast for everyone. I'm all about our core values and working hard to turn LogicLearn into a reality.

Now, let me introduce you to André, my partner in this exciting venture. With an impressive 25 years of tech experience, he's not just a tech whiz; he's a true veteran in the world of computing and technology. As a chartered technologist, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Together, we're ready and primed to make a meaningful impact.

We can't wait to take you along on our journey. So, come on, let's see what's next.

Welcome to LogicLearn!

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