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Welcome to LogicLearn HQ!

As we started getting busy, we realised we needed a dedicated creative space to run LogicLearn, so we turned our mediocre and once-cluttered home office into LogicLearn HQ! Check out the attached photo to see our new digs.

On the left, you'll see our media production workstation for graphic design and video editing. This is where all our creative content happens. On the right, we have our courseware development workstation, where we use Articulate360 for creating instructional design work.

Our MakerSpace Trolley isn’t in the photo, but it's in the same room next to our server rack and smart screen display. It's perfect for working on computers, electronics, and other tech projects.

We’re excited about our new workspace and can’t wait to see what we can create here. Stay tuned for more updates from LogicLearn HQ!

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