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We Made a.....MakerSpace Trolley

Updated: 5 days ago

With space a premium at LogicLearn Towers, we've customised an Ikea BROR heavy-duty trolley to help us build, develop, and test new tech. We call it our MakerSpace Trolley, and it’s perfect for our needs.

The MakerSpace Trolley has a power strip on one side, so we can easily plug in all our gadgets and tools. We’ve also added an MSI monitor on an arm, giving us a flexible workspace.

The best part? This trolley gives us a dedicated and mobile spot to work on computers, electronics, and other tech projects. It has plenty of space to store all the bits and pieces we need, keeping everything organised and easy to find.

We look forward to seeing what we can create with this new setup. We'll keep you posted!

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