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LogicLearn selects Articulate 360 as course authoring software of choice.

Southampton-based EdTech start-up, LogicLearn, has selected instructional design package 'Articulate 360' as their course authoring software of choice. Selected to power their blossoming courseware development business, LogicLearn's Co-Founder and Director, Angela Cocuccio, said:

"Although we're a start-up and at the very beginning of our journey, we want to ensure we have the very best tools to promote and underpin what we do. Instructional design is a cornerstone of our business, so it makes sense to adopt the most fully-featured and capable course authoring package currently available on the market. We've done our research, and although there are other packages out there, none match the feature-set and ease of use that Articulate 360 offers."

LogicLearn Ltd is an education technology studio with a mission to create and develop contemporary learning solutions for all.

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